Importing Product Data In Bulk

How To Import Your File Go to the “Products” page. Click on “Select Action” drop-down (located on the upper right side). Click on “Import“. Select and upload your file. Click on “Start Import“. Your file should start processing within a few seconds.

Saved Templates For Import / Export

Having a saved template can save you lots of time when exporting or importing product data over and over again. This is why we created this feature so you don’t need to constantly select the fields you want to import or export. Create A New Template: Click on the “Products” page. Click on “Select Action” […]

Exporting Products

Go to “Products” page. Apply the filters as needed. Click “Select Action” drop-down (located on the upper right side). Click “Export“ Select the fields you want exported. (To select multiple fields, hold down “ctrl” and click on the fields you want selected). Select the file format. Click Export. Your file should start downloading within a […]